Facing The World

Long journey

Sometimes We don’t have courage to step out our comfort zone. We don’t have courage to discard our fear. Fear always haunting us to see another world. What made special about comfort zone that you don’t want to step outside? It’s just like ‘a palace’ where everything about happiness and gladness always be brought out there. You know the story about the palace with the king and the queen? I heard the story about the palace where everything runs perfectly and people living well in prosperity. So the palace and the people who living there live in harmony and happiness. That’s the reality in today’s life where people who have already lived in harmony and happiness sometimes didn’t have courage to step outside their “home” and facing the new challenges.

I still remember when my first time traveling abroad to Malaysia. I had feeling fear to face with immigration staff in Kuala Lumpur International Airport. I already have prepared few questions that maybe would be asked from the staff. But “stamp”…. suddenly my passport was stamped and welcome to the new world. All my doubts, worries, and fears were disappeared. It was just beginning and long journey has waited for me to travel. At that moment, I felt that I have already win and walked one step ahead to leaving my comfort zone.

Sometimes We don’t want to step out our comfort zone because we don’t want to meet with ‘changing’. Changing is very challenging. Imagine that all the things around us were settle well then suddenly we must meet with uncertainty named changing. We need more time to adapt with new situation which is bad or good, we don’t even know. One question that stuck in my mind, why we have discouraged to step out the comfort zone and meet with changing? In my point of view the answer is we don’t have power to let go all of the happiness and comfort that we have sincerely. Sincerely is the key answer to all of our doubts and fears.

World offered

The point I said this story is just to remind us that world has many things to discover. World has many things that offered us experiences to upgrade our self to be better person. Sometimes we don’t have courage to step out our home and facing the world. It’s alright but we must think more deeply that life always runs forward and we must pursue our self to step closer behind them or even equal. Don’t let our self drop far behind them. I believe that courage will bring out the good result that maybe we never expected before. So courage to step out our comfort zone and sincerely to let go them are the answer to facing the challenges of the world.

Pursuing My Dream

DSC04016 copy

So what your dream? Something that you want the most since you was child? Yup…. Now I wanna talk about my dream or something that I want the most. Hehehe little bit heavy our talk? Of course no, I promise not to talk serious…. 🙂

My biggest dream since I was child is studying abroad. Back to that moment, I felt that people who able to study in foreign country is so cool. Not only their intelligence but their personality too. People who study abroad looked more adaptable to every situation. And now, my opinion doesn’t change at all. I don’t have an intention to lower the quality of education in Indonesia but in my point of view, people who have studied abroad had an open minded because they got in touch with people with different background. More diverse than if we study in domestic which only Indonesian who studied here except we took International class but it was too expensive.

Back to studying abroad…. The moment I want the most is about few months ago when I realized that I stuck in my work load everyday. I was trapped in routines. Woke up every morning then went to office, five days in a week has done the same things. Honestly sometimes I feel bored with these activity. Sometimes I want to run away from my work activities. But then suddenly I realized that working in my place now is something that I want the most few years ago and more than that this job is something that many people want.

Anyone said that if we stuck in our work after five years maybe its time for us to brush up again our brain. And I totally agree with this statement. Two years ago, I graduated from university but I felt that I wasn’t focus to my study at that time. To be part time student is very tiring. I must have good quality in splitting time between working and studying. Sometimes I felt exhausting or even painful to live in a such life. But that was my choice to live like that and everything was paid off in graduation day. The moment when such “a pain life” has ended. The moment when just happy moments kept in my mind, all off tiring and painful day were forgotten.

DSC04604 copyAnd now, I try to build my dream again. Trying to pursue my childhood’s dream comes true. Studying master abroad is my top goal for now and then. No matter how hard to reach that dream, I will try my best as I can do. I believe that where there is a will, there is a way too to make everything comes true. I understand that studying abroad involves so much sacrifices. Not only physical but mental. This year, I cut my traveling plan only to few countries. I don’t want to make traveling plan far in advance, just immediate travel in my planning. I want to focus preparing documents and tests to enter university and to apply scholarship.

The way that I went through is not easy. It needs endurance and consistency. I will do my best and let God do the rest. Hopefully everything will go easily and smoothly. Amiin….

Learning to be Minority

Hi…. long time no see.. What’s up everyone? hopefully everything ok 🙂 Firstly, Happy New Year 2015 (obviously it is too late but better late than never 😀 ) so this is my first post in 2015, please enjoy and I hope can produce more posting in my blog in this year …. wish this year is very wonderful year for me and for all of you 🙂

Doi Suthep

One thing that I love about traveling is that it gives me something valuable lesson. I learn how to tolerance to others. As I live in majority, I learn how to be a minority in foreign country. I was born in Indonesia, a country which majority people are Moslem. I am from Javanese ethnic, the majority ethnic in Indonesia. Since I was child until I was working in Jakarta, my live was full of the majority. Not as many as surprisingly life, everything runs smoothly. Until I met activity named traveling. My point of view has changed.

As far as I go, I absorbed new things that I never got in my country or I got it rarely. The most affected thing to me is about tolerance to others. In my traveling’s journey, I went to so many religious places. I observed how people did praying in their worship room. When I in Kuala Lumpur, I went to Batu Caves, a place of worship for Hindu. They allowed visitor to enter the caves and looking around. In Chiang Mai where there are many Buddhist temples, I hopped on-hopped off from one temple to another. I realized that all of the religion in the world have the same thought about goodness. No matter what our religion was, there had same thing that made us unity which called the goodness. Another story in Siem Riep Cambodia, my “tuk-tuk” driver took me to Moslem restaurant since knew that I was Moslem. I was so happy because I never asked to him to Moslem restaurant, He just initiative by himself.

And now, I have an open mind about difference. Not only about belief but more than that. I tolerance about why people have difference opinion and not in the same way as I did. And in my point of view, people have their own way of thinking. Its all right if we have distinction opinion.


Remembering Childhood


It is always fun when remember my childhood. Looking to the past few years ago and step back for old memories bring my thought of what time flies very fast. One thing that I remember about my childhood was my usual activity on Sunday morning watched television that aired my favorite cartoons serial. From Japanese cartoons to American ones. I grew up with the Disney characters such as Micky Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Winne The Pooh, Donald Duck, Goofy and so on. Those characters always in my mind until now. How cute and adorable they were, and of course the funny stories which mixed together, brought out the serial became popular at that time.

When I had a chance traveling to Hongkong, I put Disney Land Hongkong on my itinerary. As big fans of Disney characters, Disney Land must visit destination when I had an opportunity. Why finally I decide to visit Disney Land Hongkong? Yes, the suit reason beside that I love Disney characters was the ticket fare was cheap enough than Japan Disney Land, so I didn’t want to lose my chance visit this theme park (but in my opinion the ticket fare for Disney Land in Hongkong was expensive enough 😀 )


Disney Land Hongkong located in Lantau Island. You didn’t have to worry how to reach this theme park. As a traveler from developing country, I was impressed with the integral transportation in Hongkong. Everywhere in Hongkong were reachable by public transportation. Last MTR which brought me to Disney Land was fascinating. I could see the Mickey characters inside the MTR. These MTR only designed to Disney Resort Destination in Lantau Island.


So this is Disney Land, where children always dream about the characters, about the princess, and the fairytale. Disney Land can realize the dream come true with their mode. Maybe it will feel different if I went to this place when I was child, now I am not child anymore but seeing that mode which actually I always watch in my childhood give me lot of fun. The best part of Disney Land was fireworks show which held every night at 8pm. I remember the time when I was waiting for this show, I am freezing at that moment. Winter seasons in Hongkong but I didn’t bring winter jacket, so everyday feel very cold. But my freezing was paid of when the fireworks show begun. It was not only the beautiful of the fireworks but also the story and the famous original soundtracks of Disnely’s movie mixed together brought out the spectacular show.

Disney Land where the dreams come true. Disney Land where my childhood memories remembered, and Disney Land where always brings happiness.